My caring and non-judgmental approach is intended to deepen a feeling of kindness in the client for the person he or she is now. This often involves making a place for emotions and thoughts that may be difficult to claim or express. Once a client does experience those emotions, however, he or she often will have a sense of “being at home in myself” – of having a rooted and felt sense of what is true. This means having access to what Parker Palmer calls the teacher within:

“The teacher within is not the voice of conscience but of identity and integrity. It speaks not of what ought to be, but of what is real for us, of what is true. It says things like, ‘This is what fits you and this is what does not.’ ‘This is who you are this is who you are not.’ ‘This is what gives you life and this is what saps your life.’ The voice of the inner teacher reminds us of our potentials and limits as we negotiate the force-field of our lives.”

Feeling more at home in ourselves can greatly reduce anxiety and depression and increase emotional steadiness. My intention is that our work together will help my clients become more authentic, curious, resilient, and able to experience and express more joy and love in their relationships. You can learn more about my approach to therapy for individuals here.  Feel free to call me at (206) 526-8814 or send me an email: